Perfect lighting solutions for your POS display

Are you looking for the perfect lighting for your product presentation? You would like your merchandise to really be noticed by customers? Particularly in times of steadily growing online trade, these aspects are becoming increasingly important for retailers.

Thanks to our LED lighting solutions, you can put your products and brands in the right light for a customer-specific approach. These solutions create orientation and provide the right emotions at the point of sale. By using the right colour temperature and light colour, you can turn shopping into a special customer experience. Especially in the area of POS displays, lighting solutions specifically matched to the products are recommended in order to fully exploit the lighting possibilities for your advertising systems.

There are many advantages for you in using our LEDs at the point of sale: You will benefit from a perfect and customised product presentation with the right lighting. Modules, strips and profiles are flexible and individually adaptable, making them an excellent lighting solution for both a POS system and a display in the cosmetics sector. Additionally, our LEDs impress with a long service life, low energy and maintenance costs and low heat generation.

Customer references for POS/Display:

  • Lighting solutions for product presentation and sales displays of internationally operating manufacturers of cosmetics and body care products or cosmetics displays
  • Shelf lighting for electronics stores
  • LED solutions for POS sales displays in DIY stores and electrical superstores

The right lighting for ideal sales promotion

We are an internationally respected partner and offer you the right lighting for your sales promotion. We are flexible and reliable partners for leading companies in the fields of consumer electronics, display construction, POS, POS systems, industry and many more.

Whether it’s lighting for a customer stopper or a sales shelf. Whether you want to put lipstick, cosmetics, merchandising articles or other products and brands in the right light.

We accompany and support you from the initial idea to the final implementation so that your point of sale display or sales shelf becomes an optimal eye-catcher for your sales success. We will guide you from the first idea to the final implementation so that your point of sale display or sales shelf becomes an optimal eye-catcher for your sales success. In doing so, you can rely on our many years of experience in illuminated displays and cosmetic displays at the point of sale. Using our illuminated displays for your POS, you are guaranteed to reach your customers and create an emotional customer experience, no matter for which brands from the cosmetics, consumer electronics or food sectors you need a lighting solution.

We work together with you to meet your requirements for a sales-impacting presentation of your POS display. While you concentrate on your strengths, we ensure a high-quality, customised solution and on-time delivery. In LEDTEC you have the right partner at your side, who will accompany and support you throughout the entire process, from the initial idea to the final implementation.