Shelf lighting for professional shop fitting

Competition is fierce – especially in times of growing online trade. In order to survive in competition, a perfect presentation at the point of sales (POS) is all the more important.

Excellent presentation of products, will sure lead to attracting the attention of customers and create true worlds of experience with your products.

With our customized LED lighting solutions for shop fitting, we offer you a wide range of options for your showcase lighting or shelf lighting, for example with an under-cabinet luminaire for special accents. Inspire your customers and perfectly set the scene for shops, products, interior design etc.

Customised shelf lighting

Our LED shelf lighting can be adapted to any length. A wast range of different LED components allows versatile applications according to your individual wishes and requirements. You decide whether the light should be dimmable via controls or whether the colour temperature should be variably adjustable, e.g. from warm white to cool white. Linear lighting solutions give you new design options to strengthen your shop fitting.

Our LED solutions can be individually adapted to your requirements, be it in terms of length, colour temperature or mounting. In addition, our LED profiles are available with different covers: You can choose from clear, frosted and matt covers. This allows you to cleverly set targeted lighting accents. Thanks to our wide range of flexible and rigid LED strips, many variants with suitable luminous flux and colour temperature are available to you. However, this also includes the wiring of the lighting systems as well as the dimensioning of the power supply units and, if necessary, the integration of controls such as DMX, DALI or radio. A sensible lighting concept is therefore just as much a part of the shop as the furnishings and the goods themselves.

Flexible lighting for your success

Natural colours and different shades of white, such as warm white lighting, create a relaxed mood. This makes customers feel at ease. The combination of different light sources is a good way to present your goods in the right light. These include under-cabinet luminaires and recessed luminaires or cove lighting for ceiling mounting. Different brightness levels for individual shop areas round off the lighting concept.

When choosing LED solutions for shop fitting, such as shelf lighting, nothing should be left to chance. Many criteria such as colour rendering, colour temperature and LED luminous flux play a major role in the design. Customers and employees should feel comfortable and enjoy spending time in optimally lit rooms. We are happy to advise you personally on this, because every idea and every salesroom is different.

During the entire process of design and implementation, we will accompany you and let your shop fittings shine in the right light.

Customer references in shopfitting

  • Lighting solutions for FC Bayern München fan shops
  • Project partner of leading yacht outfitters
  • Decorative and accent lighting for well-known hotel chains