LED power supplies for your LED modules and LED lights

You can also customise our LED converters with the right connector system and the right cable length for your requirements. This means you receive a ready-to-connect solution from us for easy integration into your application.

To ensure the smooth operation of your LED strips and LED lighting installation, you need an LED power supply unit that converts/transforms the mains voltage from 230 V to 12 V or 24 V operating voltage for the LED strips. This is why it is often referred to as an LED transformer.

LED converters are available in various power classes, from 6 watts to more than 150 watts. In order to select the right LED converter for your application, the actual power required must first be calculated. The LED converters must be operated with a minimum load in order to function properly. Below this minimum load, the lighting installation may malfunction. If the power is too high, malfunctions may occur. The power supply unit should therefore always be dimensioned to suit the respective application.

Output voltage
Product Output voltage Power Download
LED Konverter CV 12V/1,25A/15W 12 V DC 15W
LED Konverter CV 12V/2,5A/30W 12 V DC 30W
LED Konverter CV 12V/4,17A/50W 12 V DC 50W
LED Konverter CV 12V/6,2A/75W 12 V DC 75W
LED Konverter CV 12V/8,3A/100W 12 V DC 100W
LED Konverter CV 24V/0,625A/15W 24 V DC 15W
LED Konverter CV 24V/1,25A/30W 24 V DC 30W
LED Konverter CV 24V/1,25A/30W -dimmbar 24 V DC 30W
LED Konverter CV 24V/2,5A/60W 24 V DC 60W
LED Konverter CV 24V/3,125A/75W -dimmbar 24 V DC 75W

UL-certified LED power supply units

Are you looking for e.g. UL-certified LED converters for the North American market or LED converters for constant current applications for your lighting project? Of course, we can also supply you with the optimum components for such LED projects.

Do you have any questions about converters or drivers? Do you need information on the right control gear or power supply unit, on the use of special brand devices such as Meanwell or on a different ballast for your individual projects and requirements? We would be happy to advise you personally on the input voltage, operating voltage and power of our LED converters or on questions about the delivery time of our products.

IP-protected LED converter

In addition to our LED converters for indoor use, we naturally also offer power supply units with IP protection, e.g. for use outdoors or in humid environments.

You can choose from converters with different power ratings and output voltages. Talk to us! We will be happy to help you select the optimum components for your LED lighting application.

Together with our IP-protected LED modules, you get a powerful solution for damp rooms and outdoor applications.