Outstanding quality

LEDTEC is an internationally respected lighting partner for leading companies in the fields of consumer electronics, display construction POS, shopfitting and trade fair construction, cash register systems, the sanitary sector and electrical engineering.

Since 2013, the company has been a member of the German Shopfitting Association (dlv – Netzwerk Ladenbau e.V.).

Its customers include market leaders in the refrigerated display case and ATM sectors as well as consumer electronics companies.

We are constantly adding new areas that are individually illuminated and lit.

The details make the difference

We focus on precision down to the smallest component in our projects. To satisfy the high demands of our customers, we rely on our own components to which we contribute our many years of LED experience.

A continuously growing variety of profiles together with countless LED modules of the most diverse light characteristics form the foundation for our lighting solutions.

Continuous progress with LEDTEC

Customer satisfaction

Growing demands on our products and services require constant improvements in all areas of our companies as well as a trusting cooperation with our customers and suppliers. This is why we work together in a targeted, economical and qualitatively flawless manner as well as in an environmentally conscious manner with a view to fulfilling customer requirements and expectations in order to increase customer satisfaction.

By establishing the processes and tasks in our company, we achieve the required assurance of product and process quality as well as the avoidance of environmental pollution.

Legal compliance

We are committed to complying with all applicable laws, regulations, as well as official and other requirements in order to avert damage and to secure the continued existence of our company in the long term.

It is our goal to avoid errors in all areas and to consistently eliminate discovered sources of error. In order to continuously improve our product quality, compliance with the defined processes is mandatory.

Corporate goals

Continuous improvement

We work to continuously improve our management system and our products and processes. Every area and level of our company is in constant interaction with each other and thus contributes to the improvement of our business through

  • continual learning,
  • constant improvement
  • improvement and error prevention right from the start

contribute to the achievement of the company’s goals.

Employees and management

It is our employees who are our greatest strength. We constantly promote and train their sense of responsibility within the framework of our system. It is one of our most important tasks to further develop the competences and know-how of our employees. Through continuous improvement of the working environment and regular training, we want to support this. The management staff’s task is to realise the quality goals. By setting a personal example, through open communication and by involving employees in decision-making processes, we aim to promote personal responsibility and quality awareness among our employees.

Save resources

We aim to minimise the impact of our business operations on the environment. Therefore, relevant impacts are monitored and assessed. By avoiding or reducing environmentally harmful emissions and waste, we protect the environment.

The company policy is reviewed annually for appropriateness, implementation and effectiveness, and adjustments and additions are made if necessary. From this policy, we derive new, measurable quality and environmental goals every year.