LED profiles for customised lighting

LED profiles made of aluminium offer two major advantages: Firstly, they beautify the applications and installations of LED lighting solutions. Secondly, they have immense practical benefits. This is because the profiles protect LED batten luminaires and strips from external influences and ensure optimum cooling of the LEDs thanks to their excellent heat conduction.

Our wide range of aluminium LED profiles creates excellent opportunities for designing individual lighting installations. The combination of LED strips in different strip widths and our LED profiles in various shapes, cross-sections and dimensions form a flexible basis for your unique lighting solutions. The different versions of the profiles are suitable for ceiling or wall mounting as well as for installation and mounting on shelves.

Whether for the illumination of food and other products or to skilfully set the scene for your exhibition stand – we provide you with the optimum solution for your application. Each aluminium profile is made of high-quality, anodised aluminium.

Inner dimension
Product Installation Width Inner dimension Material Color Download
CORNERline Alu 16 Aufbau 16 12 Aluminium silber
CORNERline Alu 19 Aufbau 18,5 12 Aluminium silber
CORNERline Alu 19 schwarz Aufbau 18,5 12 Aluminium schwarz
FLEXline 0511 Topview Aufbau 11 8 Silikon transparent/weiß
FLEXline 0513 Topview Aufbau 13 10 Silikon transparent/weiß
FLEXline 0515 Topview Aufbau 15 10 Silikon transparent/weiß
FLEXline 1006 Sideview milky/schwarz Aufbau 6 8 Silikon milky/schwarz
FLEXline 1006 Sideview milky/weiß Aufbau 6 8 Silikon milky/weiß
FLEXline 1006 Sideview schwarz/schwarz Aufbau 6 8 Silikon schwarz/schwarz
FLEXline 1010 Topview Aufbau 10 8 Silikon milky/weiß

Elegant light lines with black LED profiles

With our black aluminium profiles, you can ensure complete matching in conjunction with black furniture. Discreet light lines that can be integrated unobtrusively into any application can also be realised. Set aesthetic accents in shopfitting and furniture construction with the black covers in combination with our black LED profiles. As soon as you switch on the light, the black line becomes a homogeneous, white line of light.

In addition to classic U-profiles for surface mounting, you will also find a variety of corner profiles or recessed aluminium profiles in our range.

We are happy to customise our LED profiles according to your specifications.