LED controls for your lighting installation

Our LED control units offer you countless options for controlling LED applications – by radio, cable or in a system network with BUS systems.

Whether simple touch switches, remote-controlled LED dimmers or complex digitally controlled systems (e.g. DMX dimmers and DALI dimmers), we will work with you to find the right solution. Choose from our extensive standard range:

  • 1-channel LED dimmer
  • 2-channel LED dimmer
  • 3/4-channel LED dimmer (RGBW/RGBA/RGBY)

We offer LED controls for use with:

  • Radio remote control
  • 1-10 V
  • DMX dimmer
  • DALI dimmer

For LED installations with particularly tight installation situations, we offer the perfect solution with our mini control units. The mini controllers combine the smallest designs with a wide range of functions for controlling your lighting application. You can choose from mini LED controllers for controlling single-colour applications and for RGB lighting installations.

Selbstverständlich können wir Ihnen für Ihr Lichtprojekt auch Sonderlösungen anbieten, die Sie nicht in unserem Standardsortiment finden. Ob Insellösungen oder Anbindung an andere Systeme – sprechen Sie uns an. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anfrage!

Product Series Channels Power Download
3 Kanal Dimmer DMX DMX 3 360W
4 Kanal Dimmer DMX DMX 4 288W
5 Kanal Dimmer DMX DMX 5 480W
G2 LED RF Dimmer Set PWM 2 288W
G3 LED RF Dimmer Set PWM 3 432W
Handdimmer 12-24V (1-Kanal) PWM 1 480W
LED Dimmer 1 Kanal DALI DALI 1 120W
LED Dimmer 2 Kanal DALI DALI 2 480W
LED Dimmer 2 Kanal DALI DT8 DALI 2 480W
LED Dimmer 4 Kanal DALI DALI 4 720W

Wireless control solutions with intuitive operation

The X4 LED control system offers you extensive variation options for controlling your LED installation:

  • Remote controls available as wall-mounted or hand-held remote controls
  • Control of several zones possible
  • Preset brightness levels, colours and programmes
  • Intuitive adjustment of brightness, colour temperature or colour
  • Individual settings can be saved