Revolutionise your product advertising

Discover the innovative LCD display with ESL function! This display is perfect for companies looking for a flexible and cost-effective solution for their product promotion.

Thanks to the ESL (Electronic Shelf Labelling) function, you can update your product prices in real time and even highlight promotions or special offers without having to change the labels manually. This saves you time and reduces sources of error.

The LCD display with ESL function is easy to operate and can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure. You can connect it to your backend system via WLAN and update prices and product information quickly and easily.

With a high resolution, you can present your products on the display in vivid colours and razor-sharp images. This will attract the attention of your customers and increase your sales.


  • Slim, modern design
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Built-in Android media player
  • Remote update from any computer (e.g. from headquarters)


  • Vibrant LCD display
  • Low operating temperature
  • ESL function
  • Touch screen (optional)
  • Kiosk function